Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots going on...

Writing lots of new songs, some of which were played out at the wonderful Radio-Active Records show with Axe and the Oak and Missing People!

We have a handful of shows coming up including Capsule and Shroud Eater followed by Sweatstock a few days later (where Beatriz pulls double duty w/ Holly Hunt). We also have a show w/ our Jacuzzi Boys and Love Handles in Lake Worth and an Upcoming show w/ Davila 666 from Puerto Rico in Miami.

Our Discosoma 7" is almost sold out, you can pick up the final copies from Discosoma, Sweat Records, Radio-active or us directly. Our emergency press of CD's released by Amnesian for our tour last year w/ Torché is also sold out but may be obtained through the previously mentioned entities, same goes for the LKLL/MetroZoo cassette, also released by Amnesian. Most links available on the right. --->