Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late RIP

If blogspot was the place you came to get your beings news...sorry, you're the last to know.

We were never totally on top of this, but some proper archiving may follow.

Stay in Tune.

Meanwhile: Foreign Bodies / Holly Hunt


Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots going on...

Writing lots of new songs, some of which were played out at the wonderful Radio-Active Records show with Axe and the Oak and Missing People!

We have a handful of shows coming up including Capsule and Shroud Eater followed by Sweatstock a few days later (where Beatriz pulls double duty w/ Holly Hunt). We also have a show w/ our Jacuzzi Boys and Love Handles in Lake Worth and an Upcoming show w/ Davila 666 from Puerto Rico in Miami.

Our Discosoma 7" is almost sold out, you can pick up the final copies from Discosoma, Sweat Records, Radio-active or us directly. Our emergency press of CD's released by Amnesian for our tour last year w/ Torché is also sold out but may be obtained through the previously mentioned entities, same goes for the LKLL/MetroZoo cassette, also released by Amnesian. Most links available on the right. --->